Window Dressing Home Improvement Project

Have you ever noticed how beautiful women are after they have put on their eye makeup? A woman’s eyes become much more beautiful after applying mascara, eye liner and eye shadow.

The very same could be said about your home. A home becomes a lot more beautiful after applying window coverings. Window coverings come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials to enhance the beauty of any home.

Window coverings are not only attractive but they are also very practical. You can use your window coverings to control the amount of sunlight that enters into your home. Many window coverings have UV protection so that your furnishings do not become faded.

The wonderful selection of window treatments will spruce up any home with the latest fabrics and hottest colors. Every room in your home will become more enjoyable and comfortable to be in because of the many design styles that window coverings are available in.

The good news is that you do not have to spend a lot of money for window coverings. You can enhance the beauty of your home while still keeping within your budget. in fact, window coverings can save you money on your energy costs.

The first thing that you should do is call a window treatment company to have one of their knowledgeable sales representatives visit your home. He/she will be able to show you samples of all of the many window treatments available on the market today.

You will be amazed at the varieties of fabrics, materials, and colors. Most window treatment designers are also knowledgeable in home decorating. They will be able to help you with your color selections.

Purchasing new window treatments is an excellent way to add beauty to any home at an affordable price. Don’t delay, call a window covering company near you.

The Amazing Home Improvement That Came With Interior Design

Interior design certainly isn’t my strong suit. With that being said, I know a thing a two about the practice, and I know how important that it can be to my property. Hence, I knew that when my investment properties were looking a little bit worse for wear, that it was time to go ahead and take them through an interior design makeover. I knew that I needed to get a top notch interior designer to come along and help along with the makeover, so I decided to do my research. Here is my amazing experience in regards to home improvement.

I have quite a few friends that are in the investment property game, and they all told me the importance of getting a really talented interior designer in regards to my portfolio. A lot of these friends have also had to go through the tiring process of touching up their investment homes to ensure that they retain and rise in value over the next few years. Personally, I was looking to pull the trigger and sell many of my investment homes. But, to ensure that I was going to get the best price possible, I knew that it would be very wise for me to fix up the interior of the home before selling.

I was reading around the investment blogs and property guru sites and found out that the interior design of a house is very important in regards to how much it will be worth. Furthermore, they stated that the amount of money needed to fix the interior of an investment property is well worth the increase in price seen when the property hits the market. Of course, seeing this, I knew that it would be essential for me to go ahead and get a great interior designer to work on my investments.

Thanks to a recommendation from a friend, I went ahead and got a great interior designer to fix up everything inside many of my investment homes. The makeover the properties went through was truly amazing. It was like a completely different home! Needless to say, when I decided to sell these properties I received an amazing profit which I used to re-invest into some new amazing properties I’m working on right now.

And, that’s it for my story, my friends! What I learnt from this experience is that interior design can really mean some serious cash when utilized properly.

Seven Home Improvements That Improve The Value Of Your Home

The real estate market is on a rebound. It still has not recovered fully from the effects of the most current recession of 2008 but things are definitely much better now. While it is a good idea to have some home improvements, it is worth noting that most projects never add any value to your home. The question now becomes which projects you need to invest in and which ones you need to avoid.

The following are some important tips for those home improvement projects that will increase the value of your home.

1. Kitchen Remodeling

Many people regard the kitchen as the heart of the home and it is why updates to the kitchen will pay off. When doing kitchen remodeling, you should ensure that you never make it fancier than the rest of the home or even neighborhood.

Two cheap ways of improving the kitchen is through a fresh paint job and buying energy-efficient appliances. Today, you can get paint in virtually every color you desire and this paint will a long way towards updating the look of your kitchen. As for appliances, replace the old ones with new energy-efficient models. Energy Star rated appliances are good for the environment and will help you save money since they use less energy.

2. Adding A Bathroom

In case your house has only one bathroom, you can recover a big chunk of your investment by installing an extra one. If you are wondering where to get space for your extra bathroom, first try to look for any underutilized spaces or any extra rooms. Consider such areas as under the stairs or closets.
Just like any other project remember that installing a new bathroom will depend largely on the kinds of accessories and additions you want to use along with their costs.

3. Reinventing A Room

If you wish to add more square footage to your home by building a new room, you need to understand that it can turn out to be quite an expensive project. Even though you can recover some of your investment, it is good to understand that the costs associated with this type of project can easily spin out of control.

Reinventing the already existing space in your home is the way to go and the way to save money. Ideas for reinventing space include converting the attic to a bedroom and finishing the basement. Some homeowners even add small apartments over or in their garages and rent them out as a room.

4. Energy Efficient Insulation

If your home does not have basic insulation and it has old doors, which let in a lot of cold and hot air, the home inspectors will include this in their reports that they deliver to potential buyers. Homes that are not energy efficient cost more to maintain as well as live in.

Making your home energy efficient does not have to cost a lot of money and it will make it more appealing in the eyes of the buyers. For instance if you can install some additional insulation in your attic for just a couple of hundred dollars, you could potentially save hundreds more every year on utility bills.

In conclusion, the four tips discussed above are some of the great home improvement ideas to increase the value of your home. You should try working on at least a few of them so that you may enjoy the benefits.

Home Improvement Facts

Home improvement can be used alternatively with remodeling or home renovation. This is a process of making additional improvement changes to one’s home. The projects and materials needed for this process are purchased from special stores called, home improvement stores.

Home improvement usually means improvement projects that are adopt to improve the existing structure. It also covers the projects that are used to improve gardens, outdoor structures, lawns and gazebos. It can also be used to refer to maintenance and repair of this structures. Home improvement projects are carried out with different goals.


This may including sound proofing a building to minimize the level of noise coming from the outside chaos. There are those projects that improve the heating and ventilation systems. You may also choose to upgrade your rooms with more luxuries like a hot tub spa. All this improvements are after comfort of the people who will be using them.


There are those projects that are more geared to maintenance. They may including removing the whole roofing and replacing it with a new and better roof. You may also consider repainting some of your rooms or fences. Those foundations that are losing their grip should be reinforced and old chimneys repainted or repaired. Faulty electrical and plumbing systems should be repaired too.


There are some home improvement projects that are adopted to help create additional space. You may develop some of your marginal areas into space that is livable. You may turn your basement into a home theater or an office space. You may also go with a project that recommends adding extended rooms to your home. You may also add extra levels above your roof.


You may reduce utility costs by changing old appliances with more energy efficient ones. You can replace your lighting and windows, but also you could choose to add a new window tretment to gice an extra layer of insulation such as wood interior shutters. You can also use renewable energy e.g. bio-gas and solar panels. You can also use thermostats that are programmable.


You may also equip your home with safety measures that will ensure that you are ready for any emergency. You may install a fire and burglar alert system. You may also consider installing sprinkler systems that activates themselves in case of a fire. You should also add more secure doors with reinforced bars. You should also purchase backup generators that will serve you in case the mains fail.

There are there different techniques that you can use to handle such a project. You can choose to hire a professional and specialized contractor, general contractor or may decide to the job yourself. A general contractor can do a project that involves improvements of different areas. They can also act as the project manager. You may also decide to go ahead and Do it yourself (DIY). There are a number of stores that have numerous books and materials that can help you in this process.

The only economical advantage that DIY has is that it is relatively cheap that hiring independent contractors. If you are after quality and not personal touch, you should consider hiring quality contractors to do the project for you. If the home improvement is done well, it may increase the value of the house significantly. This will make it easier to sell the house.

There have been a series of television programs that are popularizing the house improvement projects. Some of the programs have added comedic factor that makes it enjoyable to watch as you learn too. If you want your home to look better, safe and its value to raise, you should hire some professional contractors who will advise on the best project to adopt. You should also do some research on the industry.